Solar Service and Repair Services

We Sell the Best and Fix the Rest

Properly Installed Solar Pool and Hot Water systems are designed to provide many years of trouble free service. After years of chlorinated water passing through the panels, repairs are inevitable. If your solar pool heater or related plumbing, valves, or components are leaking or faulty, we can fix or replace it. Brands we service include (but are not limited to):

  • Solar Hydronics Corp – iSwim, Nuvis, Swimmaster, Hi-Tec
  • Aquatherm Industries – Solar Industries, EcoSun, Ultra Swim, SunLite
  • Techno Solis
  • Heliocol – HC, Sunstar
  • Fafco – Sunsaver, Revolution, Sunsaver ST 

Our Services

Solar Removal and Reinstallation
When new roofs are necessary, we test the integrity of the existing solar system before removal. On completion of new roof, we reinstall either the existing panels or new panels if requested.

Seasonal Turn-on / Turn-off
For seasonal residents, we will make sure your system is properly bypassed for, or reopened after long durations away from home.

System Tune-Ups
Tightening of brackets, clamps, and system checks at the beginning of pool season or when you return to town.  

Panel Leaks
We repair most all pool panel manufacturers and Solar hot water panels.

Plumbing Repairs
Replace or repair warped, cracked or leaking Pvc pipe on roof or pool equipment

Temperature Control Repairs
Service and replacement for faulty, mis-programmed, or damaged pool automation equipment including sensors and motorized valve actuators.

New Owner Education
Just bought a home with solar pool heating panels? We will assess the condition and tell you how it works. We also offer this service before your buy a home as an informal or formal system inspection. 

If you are in need of service for your solar pool heating panels or system, we will provide affordable, honest, and competent repairs to help keep your system working. If your system is under warranty, we recommend you contact the installer of your panels, but we may be able to provide more affordable service for both warranty and non-warranty repairs in many cases. We are happy to provide second opinions. Contact Us For Solar Pool Heating Repair Service

Did You Know? 

There may be government rebates to offset your out of pockets costs..
Our solar pool heating experts can help you find the most current incentives.