Variable Speed Pool Pump Energy Savings

How does a varible speed pool pump work?

How much energy can one IntelliFlo pump save?

Typical single-speed pumps can consume as much energy as all your other home appliances combined. Why not replace that energy hog with an IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump? It uses up to 90% less energy than the typical single-speed pump----savings that translate directly into money in your pocket.

Hybrid technology makes your money go up to 90% farther.

Most pool pumps, even so-called “energy-efficient” models, still use the traditional technology of an induction-style motor. IntelliFlo uses an advanced permanent magnet motor-- the same technology found in today's hybrid cars. Result: savings of up to 90% even compared to “high efficiency” single-speed and two-speed pumps.

Did You Know? 

There may be government rebates to offset your out of pockets costs..  
 Schedule your FREE energy evaluation, a $300-500 value!